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Washington State University - Puyallup Organic Farming Systems and Nutrient Management

Cover Crops


Cover crops are used to supply fresh organic matter to soils, improve soil structure, fix nitrogen, cycle nutrients, protect soil from erosion, and as a tool to manage weeds and other pests. Choice and management of cover crops depends on which benefits are most important, and on the cropping system.

Our research has been focused on fall-planted and relay-planted cover crops.  We have evaluated the effects of different fall-planted rye vetch blends, planting dates, and incorporation dates on ground cover, winter weed competition, and nitrogen supply to the subsequent crop.  Relay planting is the planting of cover crops between rows of the cash crop during the summer or early fall. Our relay cover crop research was focused on establishment, survival, ground cover, and N supply capability of legumes interseeded into standing vegetable crops.  Recent research is focused on cover crop management in reduced tillage organic systems.

Cover Crops Photo Essays:

Interseeded cover crop demonstrations over various dates:

Organic Systems Experiment over various dates:


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