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Washington State University - Puyallup Organic Farming Systems and Nutrient Management

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Compost Facility Operator Training

14-18 October 2019. Training and certification for Compost Facility Operators, Managers, and officials involved with Composting. Hands on composting, field trips, examination.

♣ Washington Organic Recycling Council. Registration, details.

♣ WSU Puyallup Research Center. Puyallup, WA. Class location, directions.

Compost Operator Training trommel demonstration

Compost Operator Training, Class mixing compost piles from recipies Compost Operator Training, indoor class Compost Operator Training, demonstration of an oxygen meter

Extension Publications, Peer Reviewed


Interpreting Compost Analyses. Sullivan, D.M., A.I. Bary, R.O. Miller, and L.J. Brewer. 2018. Oregon State University Extension Bulletin EM9217.  Compost can return nutrients and organic matter to the soil, a proven practice for soil health enhancement. This publication focuses on selecting a lab to perform compost analyses, determining which compost analyses are most relevant to your needs, assessing whether compost is sufficiently stabilized, and avoiding over application of composts high in soluble salts or composts with a pH unsuited to your crop.
(♣ PDF-Online)

Biosolids in Dryland Cropping Systems. Sullivan, D.M., C.G. Cogger, A.I. Bary, and L.J. Brewer. 2018. PNW 716. Pacific Northwest Extension Publication.
(♣ PDF-Online)

Soil Nitrate Testing for Willamette Valley Vegetable Production. Sullivan, D.M., N.D. Andrews, A. Heinrich, E. Peachey, L.J. Brewer. 2019. EM 9221. Oregon St. Univ. Ext. Serv.
(♣ PDF-Online)
(♣ PDF-Online)