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Climate Change by Dr. Craig Cogger


Climate change is a critical issue that will increasingly affect agriculture, water supplies, ecosystems, human well-being, and economic activity. Although many thousands of scientists across a broad range of disciplines are working on climate related issues, much confusion still exists among the public, media, and decision makers about the science of climate change and the future implications of a changing climate.

This is narrated slide presentation that summarizes the science of climate change and its implications for humans and ecosystems. It is peer-reviewed and written at a lay level so is easy to understand. It is divided into 10 short sections in video format to allow viewing a few minutes at a time.


♣ Climate Change: Evidence and Causes.  An overview from the Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences.

♣  What We Know: The Reality, Risks, and Response to Climate Change.  The AAAS Climate Science Panel.

♣ National Academy of Sciences Climate Change.  The National Research Council video series that explains the current scientific understanding of current climate change and its causes. These are short and easy to understand.

♣ RealClimate: Climate Science from Climate Scientists.

♣ Skeptical Science: Getting Skeptical about Global Warming Skepticism.