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Washington State University Puyallup Research and Extension Center

Parking on Campus

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As WSU Puyallup REC is a research and extension campus with ample research farm land, parking can sometimes be a challenge, but our goal is to provide adequate parking for all our employees and visitors. We operate under an open (free) parking policy. However, in order to accommodate parking for all our visitors and employees our parking map provides visitors with a number of preferred parking locations when you come to visit us (light gray) as well as locations that are reserved for events and trainings (crimson) and overflow (dark gray). You can use this page explore your options and keep up on the latest parking news.

Parking Q&A

If a parking space is marked reserved, can I park here?

These reserved spots are for WSU Puyallup employees and short-term visitors only.

If a parking space is unmarked, can I park here?

Yes, however, if you are attending a large event please refer to the instructions provided to you by your event coordinator. We have a specified parking lot and overflow parking spaces for our large events and respectfully request you use these lots.

Do you charge for parking on campus?

No, all of our parking is free and first-come-first-serve.

Can I park on the side of the street or along driveways?

Please refrain from parking on the side of the roads and driveways if possible due to fire lanes and congestion. In the case that all parking spaces are filled up we have a number of overflow parking areas identified on the map (dark gray).

How can I learn more about WSU Puyallup REC parking resources, rules and enforcement?
If you have specific questions about parking on or around the WSU Puyallup REC campus, please contact our Facilities Manager at or 253-445-4578.

Community Partner Parking Resources

Pierce Transit logo

The Puyallup Research and Extension Center has a Pierce Transit bus stop right at our front entrance on Pioneer Way. Please visit Pierce Transit for further information including System Maps and Bus Routes.