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Washington State University Puyallup Research and Extension Center

Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

The following graduate students are currently studying at Puyallup.
ImageFull NameEmailDegree SoughtAdvisorDepartmentBiography
Kaushik Adhikarikaushik.adhikari@wsu.eduPhDMarkus FluryCrop and Soil ScienceKaushik comes from the country of Nepal where more than 80% of the population is involved in farming. Growing up in an agricultural suburb motivated him to pursue further study in the Agriculture field. He completed his undergraduate study in agriculture (B.S) from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. After working as an instructor for 1½ years in Nepal, Kaushik joined the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff as a graduate research assistant for master’s research focused on the fate and effects of nanoparticles in soil. Kaushik joins WSU to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Science. He will be working under the supervision of Dr. Markus Flury studying fate and transport of micro- and nano plastics in terrestrial systems including biosolids, soils and air.
Stephanie Blairstephanie.blair@wsu.eduPhDJenifer McIntyreSchool of the EnvironmentStephanie is pursuing her Doctorate with the School of Environment. Before coming to WSU, Stephanie received her MS from the Evergreen State College working with developing chemical and mathematical methods for quantifying hemoglobin speciation in fish blood.
Nicole Capizzinicole.capizzi@wsu.eduMSDoug CollinsCrop and Soil ScienceNicole is a master's student working with Dr. Doug Collins in the department of Crop and Soil Science on soil carbon analysis of the sequestration benefits from seaweed application. Before Joining WSU, Nicole managed climate protocols and implementation of Measurement, Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MMRV) systems for an agricultural carbon market. Previously, she led organic certification audits across the value chain for the Washington State Department of Agriculture.
Susmita Dahalsusmita.dahal@wsu.eduPhDAnand Jayakaran & Joan WuBiological Systems EngineeringSusmita will be working with Ani Jayakaran to look at the placement of Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) on the landscape. She will use dynamic computational models to determine where certain types of GSI will be most effective. Dr. Joan Wu will serve as co-chair and co-advisor. Susmita comes from the beautiful country of Nepal. She likes to travel and spend time with her daughter.
Stephanie Eckardsmeckard@wsu.eduMSJohn StarkEcotoxicology
Garrett Fostergarrett.foster1@wsu.eduMSJenifer McIntyreSchool of the EnvironmentGarrett received a BS in Environmental Health and a BA in Biochemistry from the University of Washington, Seattle in June 2021. He studies the toxicology of 6PPD-quinone in coho salmon under varied water conditions.
Nathan Ivynathan.ivy@wsu.eduMSJenifer McIntyreSchool of the EnvironmentNathan is pursuing an MS degree in the School of the Environment. His research will focus on quantifying health impact on juvenile salmonids from exposure to stormwater chemicals in roadway-impacted streams.
Prabesh Khanalprabesh.khanal@wsu.eduMSJoan WuBiological Systems EngineeringPrabesh is a MS student working with Dr. Joan Wu in the department of Biological Systems Engineering. Prabesh has completed his Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Engineering from Tribhuvan University in Nepal. Before Joining WSU, he had worked as a Government Engineer in the Department of Water Resources and Irrigation, Nepal since 2017.
Caitlin Lawrencecaitlin.lawrence@wsu.eduMSJenifer McIntyreSchool of the EnvironmentCaitlin is a MS student studying with Dr. Jenifer McIntyre. Her research is focused on anti-ozonants for aquatic organisms.
Ben Leonardben.leonard@wsu.eduPhDJohn StarkEnvironmental StudiesBen is pursuing his Doctorate with the School of Environment. Before enrolling at WSU, Ben studied limnology, ecology, statistics and chemistry at the University of British Columbia and Evergreen State College. His research interests include stormwater management, permeable pavement design, and anything fish related. When he’s not working you can find Ben biking, repairing vintage audio equipment, or hanging out with his dog.
Lillian Pavordlillian.pavord@wsu.eduMSJenifer McIntyreSchool of the EnvironmentLillian is a Masters student working with Dr. Jen McIntyre to determine the effects rodenticide chemicals have on salmon species, and investigating the effects these chemicals have on aquatic invertebrates to inform us about the effects on the food web as well. She enjoys hiking and looks forward to visiting some of the nearby national parks. Lillian is originally from the east coast and sometimes it feels like a different planet, but she has loved her time here and is excited to explore all that Washington has to offer!
Xueyu Zhouxueyu.zhou@wsu.eduPhDMarkus FluryCrop and Soil ScienceXueyu Zhou is a PhD student working with Dr. Markus Flury to identify the fundamental mechanisms involved in transport of micro- and nanoplastics in unsaturated porous media and soils. She will also work on fate and transport of biodegradable plastic mulch films used in agriculture. She has completed four years of undergraduate study and two years of master's study in the field of Soil Science, which provided her a systematic and comprehensive foundation for her PhD program. Also, she has prepared herself well for further study and research in WSU. She comes from China which has a very historical culture, and she is all ready to experience the different culture here in the U.S.

Former Graduate Students

NameDegree (Granted)Faculty AdvisorDepartment
Suzanne BallMS (2022)Jenifer McIntyreSchool of the Environment
Elias BloomPhD (2019)David CrowderEntomology
Samrat DahalPhD (2023)Joan WuBiological Systems Engineering (LAWREE)
Alejandra FelicianoPhD (2022)Linda Chalker-ScottHorticulture (Urban)
Jonathan FloresMS (2020)Claudio Stöckle & Joan WuBiological Systems Engineering (LAWREE)
Andrea GarfinkelPhD (2017)Gary ChastagnerPlant Pathology
Taylor HaskinsMS (– –)John StarkEnvironmental Science
Khaled HesaienPhD (2020)Pat MooreHorticulture (Small Fruit)
Nannette HuberPhD (– –)Joan WuBiological Systems Engineering (LAWREE)
Erin MackeyMS (2019)Joe HarrisonAnimal Science
Lane MaguireMS (2022)Jenifer McIntyreSchool of the Environment
Anish MahatMS (2022)Joan Wu & Anand JayakaranBiological Systems Engineering; Low Impact Development
Justin MaltryMS (2023)Doug CollinsCrop and Soil Science
Chelsea MitchellPhD (2023)Anand JayakaranLow Impact Development
Jasmine PratMS (2018)Jenifer McIntyreStormwater Research
Henry SintimPhD (2018)Markus FlurySoil Science
Nathan StaceyPhD (2017)Joan DavenportSoil Science
Alex TaylorMS (2018)John StarkBiological Systems Engineering
Daniel UllomMS (2023)Anand Jayakaran / Joan WuBiological Systems Engineering
Yingxue YuPhD (2022)Markus FlurySoil Science