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Washington State University Puyallup Research and Extension Center

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Gender Inclusive Restrooms

WSU’s Puyallup Research and Extension Center is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment where all people can thrive.

What is a Gender Inclusive Restroom?

A Gender Inclusive restroom is one that anyone of any gender can use. They benefit all people, including people who are gender diverse, transgender, parents/caregivers and people with caregivers or personal attendants. Gender Inclusive restrooms at PREC are single-stall restrooms, also known as single-user restrooms.

Please note that due to the secure nature of some buildings, not all facilities are open to the public at all times.

PREC Single Occupancy Restrooms

Locations of single occupancy restrooms on campus.
BuildingRoomFloorOccupancyShowerAccess Notes
Old Administration BuildingRight of lobby11NoOpen during classes
Old Administration BuildingDirector's Office (west end)11NoOpen during classes
Poultry BuildingAdjacent to Puyallup Conference Room (back hall near small conference room)11YesOpen during classes
Poultry BuildingTop of stairs21NoOpen during business hours
Aquatic Toxicology Building10411NoNo public access
Facilities Maintenance OfficeLunch room11NoOpen during business hours