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Washington State University Puyallup Research and Extension Center

Employee Directory

PortraitGraduate StudentNameTitleDepartmentPhone
Kaushik AdhikariGraduate StudentAdhikari, KaushikGraduate StudentCrop and Soil Sciences253-445-4624
Jenn Andreas Andreas, JennBiological Control Extension EducatorExtension (Integrated Weed Control Project)253-445-4657
Kimber Becker Becker, KimberFiscal Specialist 2Extension Youth and Families, SNAP-Ed 
Photo not available Berg, JasonWeb CoordinatorWashington Stormwater Center253-445-4504
Stephanie BlairGraduate StudentBlair, StephanieGraduate StudentSchool of the Environment253-445-4624
Brandon Boyd Boyd, BrandonConstruction & Industrial Permitting SpecialistWashington Stormwater Center 
Kim Buckhalter Buckhalter, KimAdmin Manager, SNAP-EdExtension Youth and Families, SNAP-Ed253-445-4644
Jean Canonica Canonica, JeanGrant Lead/Budget ManagerAdministration253-445-4506
Nicole CapizziGraduate StudentCapizzi, NicoleGraduate StudentCrop and Soil Science 
Andrea Castro Castro, AndreaLaboratory Technician 1Avian Health and Food Safety Laboratory 
Linda Chalker-Scott Chalker-Scott, LindaProfessor and Extension Specialist, Urban HorticultureHorticulture253-445-4542
Gary Chastagner Chastagner, GaryProfessorPlant Pathology253-445-4528
Doug Collins Collins, DougProfessor, Extension SpecialistCenter for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources253-445-4658
Acacia Corylus Corylus, AcaciaAssistant Director, SNAP-EdExtension Youth and Families, SNAP-Ed425-357-6003
Amanda Cupp Cupp, AmandaLaboratory Technician 1Avian Health and Food Safety Laboratory 
Susmita DahalGraduate StudentDahal, SusmitaGraduate StudentLow Impact Development 
Photo not available Driessnack, MelissaPostdoctoral Research AssociateSchool of the Environment/Ecotoxicology 
Stephanie EckardGraduate StudentEckard, StephanieGraduate StudentEcotoxicology 
Marianne Elliott Elliott, MarianneResearch AssociatePlant Pathology253-445-4596
Andrea Engle Engle, AndreaFiscal Specialist 2Administration253-445-4508
Markus Flury Flury, MarkusProfessorCrop and Soil Sciences253-445-4522
Garret FosterGraduate StudentFoster, GarrettGraduate StudentSchool of the Environment 
Rachel Fox Fox, RachelTechnical Assistant II, Small FruitHorticulture 
Sara Funston Funston, SaraLaboratory TechnicianAvian Health and Food Safety Laboratory 
Karina Gallardo Gallardo, R. KarinaProfessor, Extension SpecialistSchool of Economic Sciences253-445-4584
Jenny Glass Glass, JennyExtension CoordinatorPlant Diagnostic Lab253-445-4582
Eileen Grigsby Grigsby, EileenExtension Coordinator Senior (CTW)Extension Youth and Families, SNAP-Ed 
Photo not available Groseclose, CarlMaintenance Mechanic 1Farm & Maintenance Operations 
Cassi Grosclose Groseclose, CassiMaintenance CustodianFarm & Maintenance Operations 
Joe Harrison Harrison, JoeNutrient Management Specialist (Emeritus)Animal Science253-445-4638
Wendy Hoashi-Erhardt Hoashi-Erhardt, WendyScientific Assistant Senior, Small FruitHorticulture253-445-4641
Joseph Hulbert Hulbert, JoeyPostdoctoral Research AssociatePlant Pathology 
Nathan IvyGraduate StudentIvy, NathanGraduate StudentSchool of the Environment 
Photo not available Jascur, LisaTechnical Assistant I, Small FruitHorticulture 
Ani Jayakaran Jayakaran, AniProfessor & LID SpecialistLow Impact Development/Stormwater Program253-445-4523
Nicole Jensen Jensen, NicoleMicrobiologist 2Avian Health and Food Safety Laboratory253-445-4532
Jordan Jobe Jobe, JordanAgAID Project ManagerCenter for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources707-490-5013
Charity Johnson Johnson, CharityAdministrative AssistantAdministration253-445-4580
Prabesh KhanalGraduate StudentKhanal, PrabeshGraduate StudentBiological Systems Engineering 
James Kropf Kropf, JamesNatural Resources Program Director and Director of County AdministrationExtension253-445-4526
Laurie Larson-Pugh Larson-Pugh, LaurieExtension CoordinatorWashington Stormwater Center253-445-4593
Caitlin LawrenceGraduate StudentLawrence, CaitlinGraduate StudentSchool of the Environment 
Ben LeonardGraduate StudentLeonard, BenGraduate StudentEcotoxicology253-445-4624
Drew Lewis Lewis, DrewAdmin Budget ManagerAdministration253-445-4514
Andrew Mack Mack, AndrewGraphic Designer/IllustratorAdministration253-445-4564
Shawn McClurg McClurg, ShawnMicrobiologist 1Avian Health and Food Safety Laboratory
Jenifer McIntyre McIntyre, JeniferAssistant Professor, Aquatic ToxicologySchool of the Environment253-445-4650
David McLoughlin McLoughlin, DavidService Worker 1Plant Pathology253-445-4510
Anne Melrose Melrose, AnneEducation and Outreach CoordinatorWashington Stormwater Center 
Pat Moore Moore, PatScientist, Small Fruit Breeding and Genetics (Emeritus)Horticulture253-445-4525
Jen Moss Moss, JenAssistant Director, SNAP-Ed Curriculum, Website and Training (CTW)Extension Youth and Families, SNAP-Ed206-948-0505
Todd Murray Murray, ToddDirector, PRECAdministration253-445-4517
Claire O'Connor O'Connor, ClaireTechnical Assistant IIEcotoxicology 
David Onstad Onstad, DavidAdjunct ProfessorEntomology 
Lillia Orr Orr, LilliaIT Customer SupportCAHNRS IT 
Lillian PavordGraduate StudentPavord, LillianGraduate StudentSchool of the Environment 
Bri Price Price, BriHoneybee Extension Program CoordinatorEntomology 
Bradley Pugh Pugh, BradleyScientific Assistant, Small FruitHorticulture253-445-4538
Lisa Rozmyn Rozmyn, LisaAssistant DirectorWashington Stormwater Center253-445-4552
Samantha Shortledge Shortledge, SamanthaResearch TechnicianOrganic Farming Systems 
Heidi Siegelbaum Siegelbaum, HeidiStormwater Program AnalystWashington Stormwater Center253-445-4502
Photo not available Sobotka, MattieSNAP-Ed Curriculum, Training, and Website SpecialistExtension Youth and Families, SNAP-Ed253-445-4547
John Stark Stark, JohnDirector, Professor/ScientistWashington Stormwater Center,
Environmental Toxicology
Ben Swick Swick, BenFacilities ManagerFarm & Maintenance Operations253-445-4578
Alejandra Velasquez Velasquez, AlejandraTimeslipLow Impact Development 
Sylvia Weber Weber, SylviaMicrobiologist 3Avian Health and Food Safety Laboratory253-445-4613
Tatum Weed Weed, TatumAssociate Director, NWREC & PRECAdministration253-445-4554
Jill Wetzel Wetzel, JillScientific AssistantSchool of the Environment/Ecotoxicology253-445-4655
Noah Willers Willers, NoahTimeslipPlant Pathology 
Cheryl Williams Williams, CherylMicrobiologist 2Avian Health and Food Safety Laboratory253-445-4531
Joan Wu Wu, JoanProfessor/ScientistBiological Systems Engineering253-445-4565
Xueyu ZhouGraduate StudentXueyu ZhouGraduate StudentCrop and Soil Science