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Linda Chalker-Scott Landscape Rehab Projects

Landscape Rehab Projects


Our Lady of the Lake (2003)

Creating interactive learning gardens for the school community.

Frink Park Site 3 (2002)

Restoring ecological health while strengthening connections to the natural world.

Frink Park Site 2 (2002)

Restoring native character, limiting soil erosion, and creating a more appealing entrance to the park.

Matthews Ave. Triangle (2001)

Restoring the function and diversity of a small parcel of land, including a tributary of Thornton Creek.

NOVA High School (2001)

A native plant species garden.

Garfield High School (2001)

A project to restore an area between two entrances along 23rd Ave, including adding native species.

Olympic Hills Elementary (2000)

A project to add spring color and create a community garden for the school’s students and staff.

Garfield High School (2000)

The evolution and diversity, herb, and native plant gardens.

Garfield High School (1999)

The stairs and triangle sites.