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Linda Chalker-Scott Frink Park Site 2 (2002)

Frink Park Site 2 Landscape Rehabilitation

A Project by UW students in EHUF 482: Field Practicum in Plant Selection and Management (Spring 2002)

This quarter we are working at Frink Park, on a site designated Frink #2 by the fall quarter EHUF 480 students, who created this design plan (pdf). This project site is adjacent to South King Street between 31st Avenue South and 32nd Ave South, and bordered by a gravel path and an open meadow area. The site slopes down towards King Street. When we began, the slope was covered with a variety of invasive species, including English ivy (Hedera helix), cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus), firethorn (Pyracantha coccinea), and several legumes. There were also a few native species, including snowberry (Symphoricarpos alba), big leaf maple (Acer macrophyllum) and oceanspray (Holodiscus discolor). Large trees, some in decline, are scattered throughout the site; several hazardous trees will be removed for safety reasons. The soil here is sandy loam to sandy clay loam in texture, somewhat compacted, and fairly well drained. The mostly deciduous canopy allows for moderate light infiltration throughout the year.

The goal of the management plan is to restore native character to the site, encouraging natural succession. Accordingly, the plan calls for removing the invasive species, hazardous trees, and a few ornamental species. Doing so will open up the site, allowing more light in and increasing safety by providing neighbors with a clear view into the park. A variety of native species were installed to increase plant diversity and provide food and habitat for wildlife. We replanted and mulched the site, working to stabilize the slope and minimize erosion. In addition, we worked to make the area a more obvious and inviting entrance to the park.

Below are pictures from our weekly work parties. Click on any picture to see a larger version.


A big thank you to the following individuals and organizations for your assistance with our project.

  • Manju Sharma
  • Friends of Frink Park
    Site work, especially ivy removal.
  • Patrick Boland
    Generous hospitality and helping at all our weekly work parties.
  • Starflower Foundation
    Donation of plant materials from Storm Lake Growers, Sound Native Plants, and Judd Creek Nursery.
  • Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation
    Donation of mulch and removal of hazard tree.
  • John Hushagen, Seattle Tree Preservation
    Donation of mulch
  • Mitchell Almaguer-Bay
    Assistance with plant installation.
  • Jessica Christensen
    Assistance with plant installation.

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