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Employee Directory

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Christa Albice, Coordinator, Food $ense Nutrition Education

Sandy Anderson, Program Coordinator, Washington State Pest Management Resource Service

Jenn Andreas, Biological Control Extension Educator

Art Antonelli, Extension Entomologist, Professor Emeritus, Entomology

Catalina Aragon, Extension Coordinator Specialist, Nutrition Education Program

Cindy Armstrong, Assistant Director, Finance & Administration, CSANR

Gayle Ashworth, Program Coordinator, 4-H Foundation


Ethan Bahe, Extension Coordinator, Urban Integrated Pest Management

Andy Bary, Scientific Assistant, Crops and Soils

Richard Bembenek, Agriculture Research Tech 3, Low Impact Development Program

Curt Bod, Construction & Maintenance Project Specialist, Farm Maintenance Operations

Pat BoyEs, State 4-H Program Leader E-3, 4-H Youth Development

Sue Butkus, Professor Emeritus, Diabetes Awareness and Education, FSNE, Food Science and Human Nutrition


Jean Canonica, Fiscal Technologist 3, Administration

Linda Chalker-Scott, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Urban Horticulture

Gary Chastagner, Professor, Plant Pathology, Ornamentals, Christmas trees, Sudden Oak Death

Katie Coats, Scientific Assistant, Molecular Biosciences Lab

Craig Cogger, Soil Scientist, Organic Nutrient Management, Crops and Soils

Doug Collins, Small Farms Extension Specialist, Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources

Dana Colwell, Events Coordinator 4, Conference Management – Global Campus

Ed Creson, Equipment Tech 3, Farm Maintenance Operations

Rocio Crespo, DVM, Professor of Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology, Avian Health and Food Safety Laboratory


Catherine Daniels, Director, Washington State Pest Management Resource Service

Annie DeBauw, Agricultural Research Technologist 1, Plant Pathology

Tony Dell, Program Assistant, 4-H Youth Development


Marianne Elliott, Research Associate, Plant Pathology

Tanyalee Erwin, Research Associate, Administration


Carla Ferguson, Grant and Contract Specialist, Administration

Markus Flury, Professor, Crop & Soil Science

Carrie Foss, Extension Pesticide Education Associate, Entomology, Pesticide Education

Betsy Fradd, Media Relations/Event Coordinator, 4-H Youth Development

Mary Francom, Extension Coordinator, WRAP Program, 4-H Youth Development

Ron Froemke, Construction & Maintenance Project Specialist, Farm Maintenance Operations


Karina Gallardo, Extension Specialist, Tree Fruit Economics

Jenny Glass, Extension Coordinator, Plant Diagnostic Lab

Guo, Tianyan, Graduate Student

Tom Gwin, Manager, Washington State 4-H Fair


Joe Harrison, Nutrient Management Specialist, Animal Science

Debbie Hebert, Agricultural Research Technologist 1, Horticulture, Small Fruit

Barri Herman, Staff Scientist, Institute of Biological Chemistry

Wendy Hoashi-Erhardt, Scientific Assistant, Horticulture, Small Fruit

Emily Houg, Conference Coordinator 4, Center for Distance & Professional Education

Cheryl Hovind, PSC Office Assistant

Rita Hummel, Associate Scientist, Horticulture, Ornamentals



Grace Jack, Agricultural Research Technologist 2, Environmental Toxicology

Oriki Jack, Technical Assistant 2, Environmental Toxicology

Andy Jackson, Office Assistant 3

Dick Johnson, Construction & Maintenance Project Specialist, Farm Maintenance Operations

Lenora Jones, Extension Coordinator, Urban IPM & Pesticide Safety Education


Jeff Kallestad, Research Intern, Department of Entomology

TJ Knappenberger, Adjunct Faculty, Crop & Soil Science

James Kropf, Natural Resources Program Director and Director of County Administration


Kara Lanning, Graduate Student, Crop and Soils

Liana Largent, FMO Office Assistant

Laurie Larson-Pugh, Washington Stormwater Center

Anna Leon, Graduate Student, Plant Pathology

Randi Luchterhand, Agricultural Research Technologist 2, Agronomy and Turf


Andrew Mack, Graphic Designer/Illustrator, Administration

Nicole Martini, Interim State Lead, Master Gardener Program

Becky Maguire, Extension Coordinator, Pesticide Education

Kathleen Manenica, Extension Coordinator Specialist, Food Stamp Nutrition Education

Karen McClure, Custodian, Farm Maintenance Operations

Bill McCrea, Manager, Facilities Maintenance & Operations

Jenifer McIntyre, Postdoctoral Researcher, Stormwater Program

Katie McKeever, Graduate Student, Plant Pathology

Janet McLoughlin, Senior Conference Manager

Andy McReynolds, Plant Pathology Technician II

Jon Masse, Avian Health and Food Safety Laboratory

Lynn Meyer, Office Administration, Avian Health and Food Safety Laboratory

Pat Moore, Scientist, Small Fruit Breeding and Genetics

Jessi Mullane, Graduate Student

Darleen Munson, Military Liason, 4-H Operation Military Kids

Liz Myhre, Agricultural Research Technologist 2, Soils



Rick Olexick, Grounds/Nursery Services Specialist III


Ron Perrine, Information Technology Systems Specialist 2

Stuart Perry, Lab Technologist 1, Avian Disease and Diagnostic Lab

Kathryn Poole, Fiscal Specialist, SNAP-Ed.

Beau Porter, Construction and Maintenance Professional

Julie Postma, Assistant Professor, College of Nursing


Mu Qiao, Graduate Student, Entomology


Randy Roehl, Farm Equipment Operator 1, Farm Maintenance Operations

Lisa Rozmyn, Extension Coordinator, Stormwater Center

Carey Roos, Web Coordinator, 4-H Operation Military Kids


Ann Sagawa, Extension Program Assistant, Center for Distance & Professional Education

Vernene Scheurer, Computer Systems Administrator

Amy Sigman, SNAP-Ed Project Manager , Nutrition Education Program

Susan Smith, Lab Technician 2, Horticulture, Ornamentals

Anurag Srivastava, Research Assistant, BSYSE

Nate Stacey, Ag Research Tech II, Turf

John Stark, Director, Professor/Scientist, Ecotoxicology

Maureen Stephens, Manager, Fiscal Office


Jeff Tecca, Technical Assistant, LID Program

Carly Thompson, Plant Pathology

Michael Turner, Graduate Student



Scott Vanderwey, Extension Specialist E-3, 4-H


Claire Warren, Microbiologist 1, Avian Disease and Diagnostic Laboratory

Sylvia Weber, Microbiologist III, Avian Health and Food Safety Laboratory

Tatum Weed, Assistant Director

Liz Whitefield, Research Associate, Nutrient Management Program

Dave Wilkins, Media Technician, AMS

Cheryl Williams, Microbiologist 1, Avian Disease and Diagnostic Laboratory

Linda Williams, Administrative Assistant 3, 4-H Youth Development

Joan Wu, Professor/Scientist, Biological Systems Engineering




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