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Small Fruit Breeding & Genetics Wendy Hoashi-Erhardt

Wendy Hoashi-Erhardt

Wendy Hoashi-Erhardt

WSU Puyallup
2606 West Pioneer
Puyallup, WA 98371-4998

Wendy Hoashi-Erhardt directs the Small Fruit Plant Breeding program and cultivar development for red raspberry in the Pacific Northwest, with emphasis on processing traits of machine harvestability, fruit quality, and disease resistance. She also researches other traits of interest in strawberry and raspberry genotypes. Wendy has a M.S. in crop science from Cornell University and a B.S. in chemistry from Wheaton College (IL). In the last 10 years, she has collaborated in the release of four cultivars of raspberry and strawberry.

Areas of Interest

  • Breeding and evaluating day-neutral strawberries for fresh market use
  • Evaluating strawberries for processing and fresh market uses
  • Evaluating raspberries compatible with machine harvesting and processing
  • Studies on Raspberry Bushy Dwarf Virus, phytophthora root rot, and verticillium on raspberries

Selected Publications

  • Wannemuehler, S.D., Yue, C., Hoashi-Erhardt, W.K., Gallardo, R.K., and McCracken, V. (2020). Cost-effectiveness Analysis of a Strawberry Breeding Program Incorporating DNA-informed Technology. HortTechnology 30, 365–371.
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