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Livestock Nutrient Management Research Projects


Livestock Nutrient Management Research Program

The Livestock Nutrient Management Research Program at WSU Puyallup Research and Extension Center is focused on the area of whole-farm nutrient management, which involves the integration of animal nutrition, agronomy-crops-soils, engineering, and economics. An effective approach to whole farm nutrient management requires the integration of management practices across the farmstead. The overarching goal of the program is to provide real time solutions in the area of Whole Farm Nutrient Management, by providing relevant and profitable strategies in effectively managing nutrients.

The Livestock Nutrient Management Research and Outreach Program is a collaborative effort amongst WSU faculty in the department of Animal Sciences, Bio-systems Engineering, Crops and Soils, Atmospheric Sciences, and the School of Economic Sciences. In addition, the Nutrient Management Program has developed key relationships with state and federal agencies associated with regulation of the environment and include: US EPA, WA State Department of Agriculture, WA Department of Ecology, WA Conservation Commission, County based Conservation Districts, Washington State Dairy Federation, and the Washington State Cattleman’s Association.

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