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Livestock Nutrient Management Software and Spreadsheets

Software and Spreadsheets


Livestock Influenced Water Quality Risk Assessment Tool (xls)

This risk assessment tool has been developed in Microsoft Excel. The file is 20 MB, so be prepared if you have a slow connection. To request a copy of this tool on CD, please e-mail

Dairy Whole Farm Balance Nutrient Education Tool (xls)

This education spreadsheet was developed in Microsoft Excel. It is intended to provide dairy producers and their advisers of the impact that management decisions can have on whole farm nutrient balance of nitrogen and phosphorus.

FNMP$ Software Model

Release version of the FNMP$ Software Model. This software was developed to compare the economics of diet changes and their impact on manure management. As an example, if a high phosphorus and low cost feedstuff were utilized, it may cost more to haul manure farther to utilize the phosphorus at agronomic rates.

Feed Nutrient Management Planning Economics Training

This training session is recorded in Adobe Acrobat and can be accessed for viewing in your office. The session is 37 minutes in length.