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Plant & Insect Diagnostic Laboratory Relevant Links

Relevant Links

Online resources to practical information about plant problems for people in the Pacific Northwest.

WSU Master Gardener Program

WSU Master Gardener Program is a comprehensive “front door” to relevant information about the Master Gardener program in Washington State.

Gardening in Washington State

Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management is a website that focuses on presenting research-based control strategies that combine cultural, biological, and chemical methods to achieve optimal pest management and to minimize harmful effects on the environment.

Pesticide Education Program

This web site provides pesticide information and educational opportunities with an emphasis on personal safety, environmental protection, and effective integrated pest management.

WSU Hortsense

Provides over 1000 answer sheets to problems of landscape trees and shrubs, fruit trees, vegetables, and lawns. Each answer sheet briefly describes a problem and tells you what to do about it.

WSU Pestsense

Provides answer sheets for over 90 common insect and mite pest issues that can be encountered in homes and buildings. For pest problems, both nonchemical and legal chemical pest management options are listed.

WSU Publications and Educational Materials

WSU’s Information Department provides information on everything from apples to water quality. Publications may be viewed, downloaded or ordered from WSU from this site.

Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Management Handbook

This site contains alphabetical text sections as well as photographs of the Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Control Handbook; part of the OSU Extension Plant Pathology slide collection.