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Livestock Nutrient Management Dairy Nutrient Management Tools

Dairy Nutrient Management Tools Workshop

Free workshop for producers, growers and advisors. Get nutrient management tools you can use to best manage your nutrients… and your money!


June 7, 9:15 am to 1:30 pm

Best Western Grapevine Inn
849 Quail Lane
Sunnyside, WA

Field Demo

June 7, 2:00 pm

J & K Dairy
7010 East Edison Road
Sunnyside, WA

Schedule of Events

Presentation slides are linked below.

9:15 AM Registration, Coffee and Pastries
9:30 AM What Goes in Must Come Out: How to Reduce On-Farm Feed Imports of Nitrogen and Phosphorus (pdf)
Joe Harrison, Livestock Nutrient Management
10:00 AM Connecting Feed Decisions with Crop Nutrient Management Plans (pdf)
Joe Harrison, Livestock Nutrient Management
10:30 AM Turn your Compost Up a Notch with the Compost Mixing Tool Calculator (pdf)
Andy Bary, Crop & Soil Science
11:00 AM Tools for Practical Irrigation Scheduling (pdf)
Troy Peters, Biological Systems Engineering
11:30 AM Lunch (Provided)
12:00 pm Featured Precision Nutrient Management Video Story: J & K Dairy
Liz Whitefield, Livestock Nutrient Management
12:30 PM Lagoon Liners: Case Studies from Three Dairies (pdf)
Joe Harrison, Livestock Nutrient Management
1:00 PM Food Safety Implications with Manure (pdf)
Andy Bary, Crop & Soil Science
1:30 PM Depart Best Western for J & K Dairy
2:00 PM Precision Nutrient Management Field Demonstration at J & K Dairy

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