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Riparian Buffers Results and Presentations

Results and Presentations

Data and Results

WSU Riparian Buffer Experimental Site Installation and Maintenance Costs

WSU researchers installed a 0.6 acre experimental riparian buffer in 2003-04 in Skagit County. The buffer site was first cleared of blackberries, and the installation included planting perennial rye grass, red alder, and hybrid poplar. Tree protectors were placed around individual trees and a fence was erected to exclude beavers. The buffer area was maintained beginning in 2003 through 2005. Maintenance included grass mowing, weed control with Round-Up, and replacement of planting stock damaged by beavers. The total cost of installing and maintaining the buffer area over the three year period was approximately $7,112 (WSU Experimental Riparian Buffer Site Installation and Maintenance Costs 2003-2005 (pdf)). Only expenses that would have been incurred in a non-experimental setting by a private landowner were included in the total cost. The green chart (below) shows how the costs were distributed between materials, labor and contracted services. The blue chart show how costs were distributed between site preparation, establishment, and maintenance.

Ring graph exploring maintenance costs by type and category.