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How To Submit A Sample


Are any of these scenarios familiar?

The rhododendron leaves are drooping but watering is not fixing the problem…

Ants are discovered in the crawlspace and you worry about potential damage…

Large dead spots suddenly develop on your well-manicured lawn…

The apple tree fails to bear and next year you want a better crop….

Large holes are being eaten from the hosta leaves but you haven't seen a bug…

An unknown weed is taking over the flower bed and needs to be controlled…

If you are experiencing any of these problems or similar ones, then you may benefit from plant problem diagnosis and insect identification help provided by the WSU Puyallup Plant & Insect Diagnostic Laboratory.

Why is this rhododendron wilting?
Wilting Rhododendron

Wilting of leaves can be caused by numerous factors including drought, root rot, disease, or mechanical obstruction of vascular tissues.

Magnified Trunk Base of a  Wilting Rhododendron

Checking the base of this rhododendron reveals that the trunk has been severely girdled by improper “weed eater” use.

How To Submit A Sample
The WSU Puyallup Plant and Insect Diagnostic Laboratory is a facility for receiving samples submitted for identification or diagnosis of plant and insect related problems. This laboratory provides diagnostic assistance to private businesses and the citizens of Western Washington and supports the work of Washington State University's Cooperative Extension program.

Currently, the diagnostic laboratory is equipped to handle:

  • insect identification - including pest management recommendations
  • plant disease and disorder diagnosis and management
  • turf and lawn problem diagnosis and management
  • identification of unknown plants including weeds

For information on sample submission, required fees, and appropriate submission forms to use, please select from among the following links below:

Insect Identification and insect pest problems when you have the actual insect or samples of the damage it caused.    
Plant Problem Diagnosis of samples related to plant damage.    
Turfgrass Diagnosis of samples related to turf damage.    
Plant Identification of unknown plants/weeds.    


Please Note:  We cannot accept cannabis samples due to WSU compliance with federal policy.










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