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Plant Disease and Insect Identification Resources

  Plant Disease and Insect Identification Resources

Pest Leaflet Series:
The Pest Leaf Series (PLS) was initiated in the WSU Puyallup Plant & Insect Diagnostic Laboratory to produce brief "bulletins" on problems frequently received at the laboratory, for which no formal extension bulletins or other readily available information exists. The PLS covers insect problems, diseases, abiotic problems, and other miscellaneous situations on which we are regularly asked to provide information.

Master Gardener Resources:
Are you are Western Washington Master Gardener? If so, follow this link to find resources provided by the WSU Puyallup Plant and Insect Diagnostic Laboratory for support your important work as a Master Gardeners. Resources provided include lecture outlines to supplement training for the plant pathology and plant problem diagnosis sections of your manual Sustainable Gardening: The Oregon-Washington Master Gardener Handbook, a flowchart and worksheet designed to assist you with the diagnostic process, and an informative brochure about the Puyallup Diagnostic Laboratory's services and procedures that you can distribute to clients you are unable to serve, such as any commercial clientele that might seek help from your Master Gardener Clinic. We hope to continue adding to this resource page and improving its utility.

WSU Puyallup Host-Pathogen and Host-Insect/Spider Indices:
Interested in the diseases and insects/spiders reported at the WSU Puyallup Plant and Insect Diagnostic Laboratory during the past several years?

We have the following Host-Pathogen and Host-Insect/Spider Index indices available:

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